Simple Time Tracking

Simple to use clock in and out systems make payroll and time tracking a breeze.

Because our system is so simple, you can expect to see your employees develop better habits. That means more accuracy, and more productivity, with less time lost than ever before!

Employee Clock in and Out

We make it super simple for your employees to Clock In and Out from almost any location.

An easy to use interface and guided tours of the system means your employees will be up and going with minimal effort.

Planning Employee Shifts

Preparing of employee schedules remains a logistical nightmare for many people.

There is much to keep in mind, such as alternating work days, different pay rates, holidays, or even birthdays.

Our advanced, yet super simple interface makes many employee scheduling tasks a breeze though. Switch shifts easily, edit, copy, or even replicate schedules with the click of a button.


Customizable Alerts

The highly configurable alert system inside Timesheet Boss, gives managers the ability to monitor business activity in almost real time.

Define what is important for you to know about, and easily ensure that your business is running as it should minute by minute.

Use With Your Favorite Software

Are you a QuickBooks or PeachTree user?

Use your Timesheet Boss data with almost any accounting suite you would like.

Whether it is Payroll or Expense report data you need, we make it all exportable for use with any software you need.

Overtime and Punctuality Reports

Easily find opportunities to increase profits with our intuitive reports.

Improving efficiency and profits requires easy to use data! And our reports makes tracking things such as employee tardiness, overtime, or even clock in points super simple.


Employee Mobility Support

Manage Clock Ins and Outs, as well as expense records and much more while on the go.

Our optional mobile interface enables your employees to record time and expenses from anywhere. Managers can instantly see any data from the dashboard at any time, making managing field employees simple and efficient.

Only allow the employees you want to have mobile support while turning it off for others with just a few clicks.

Employee Based Absence Requests

Managers no longer have to be nearly as involved with employee leave requests.

Employees have the ability to initiate their own absence requests, enabling managers to deal with them in an easy approval or denial based manner.

Easily track and compare previous requests, scheduled time, and more to help make your decisions simple.

Powerful Reporting

Our reports can be customized for almost any need.

Report data can be used from any period to any period, or even real time if need be.

All data is easily exported for any purpose you could possibly have as well. Audits, backups, or presentations – Timesheet Boss makes it all possible and easy.